• Easily add authentic reviews on your website!


How can this help me comply with the Advertising Standards Authority?

Testimonial Parrot facilitates truly independent reviews on your website by allowing your clients to display un-editable testimonials directly on your website. You are in control over who is able to write a review on your website as you can send out testimonial requests within the system to your clients. Your clients are notified of the request and are also given guidelines of what is and is not acceptable to be written in their testimonials for compliance. Furthermore, when you add your clients to the system, you are also able to store their contact information for your purposes only which again helps compliance should there ever be any query into any particular testimonial. Finally, testimonials displayed on your website through Testimonial Parrot include a disclaimer which adhers to guidelines.

In summary, using Testimonial Parrot is an easy and fun way to obtain independent testimonials in your website which adhere to the ASA guidelines so you can be rest assured that you not only comply with regulations the easy way, but display attractive testimonials in your website further building trust in your services and reputation.

Can you help me set this up?

Yes. After signing up, we an help you to embed the single line of code into your website to display your reviews. We can either show you how or can do it for you included in the service.

What about my existing testimonials... will they be lost?

No. We can add your past testimonials into your new Testimonial Parrot solution included in the service.

How is the monthly payment taken?

We setup a direct debit which only takes a minute to complete online.

Am I tied into a contract and can I cancel this service in the future if I wanted?

There is no contract and you can cancel at any time - simply give us 10 days notice before the 1st of the following month.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us and we will take it from there. We will implement Testimonial parrot into your website within 48 hours after signup.

"I required a solution to display authentic reviews on my website to help comply with the ASA especially as a therapist based in the UK. Luckily I found Testimonial Parrot which provides a way for my clients to independently review my work. Easy to use and efficient, this service enables me to send out requests for testimonials that then appear automatically on my website! A fantastic cost effective service!."
- Felicity Bevell MAR Sole Transformations